Istanbul Trip by Flight for 300€ on 18-22 May 2017 by Uniflucht @ Studenten-Uniflucht, Dortmund [vom 18. bis 22. Mai]

Istanbul Trip by Flight for 300€ on 18-22 May 2017 by Uniflucht

18. - 22.
11:00 - 19:00

44137 Dortmund
ISTANBUL Trip by FLIGHT for '300€' on 18-22 May 2017 by ''Uniflucht'' Limited Offer!


Hello to you all!
— As Uniflucht Family, we would love to welcome you all to our next exciting trip!

-To discover this beautiful city we have prepared a great program, most enjoyable tours with local guides and the most charming scenes and places in this city. You really will love it.

Istanbul is the only city in the world that has two different continents. You will love Istanbul and you can easily admit to a major addiction for this characteristic destination, historical background of it and the breath-taking landscape. So many tourists visit and enjoy adventures through the city. During the days of our trip, you will find a mixture of so many cultures’ motives all around.

-Istanbul, historically known as Constantinople and Byzantium, is the most populous city in Turkey and the country's economic, cultural, and historic center. Istanbul is a transcontinental city in Eurasia, straddling the Bosphorus strait between the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea. Its commercial and historical center lies on the European side and about a third of its population lives on the Asian side. The city is the administrative center of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality ,both hosting a population of around 14.7 million residents. Istanbul is one of the world's most populous cities and ranks as the world's 7th-largest city proper and the largest European city.
— Let’s give you a little information about Turkey’s cuisine! As you walk around the city, you will soon realize that locals love their food and you will love it too! With many of choices from the common favorites such as Burger King and McDonalds, to local humble eateries serving traditional Turkish food all around the city with quite cheap prices.

— The seats are very limited so a prompt booking is advised!
*To register for the trip you need to follow the link below and fill in the form.

*We will contact you in maximum two days after you submit the form online.

***The Price:
— Düsseldorf Airport: 300€
— Cologne Airport: 310€
— Frankfurt Airport: 320€

*Our incredible price includes:

— Flight from Düsseldorf, Cologne or Frankfurt to Istanbul and back.
— Non-Stop flight from Düsseldorf, Cologne and Frankfurt Airport to Istanbul
— Free baggage allowance is 30kg and 8 kg hand luggage. (Free food and drinks on the plane) :)
— Bus transfer service from Istanbul Airport to our Hostel&Hotel.
— Bus transfer service from Hotel&Hostel to Çamlıca and Kadıköy
— 4 x nights of stay at our Hotel&Hostel in Sultanahmet with maximum 2-3-4-6 beds in one room with private bathroom in your room.
— Bed linen, city tax and all other obligatory costs at the Hotel&Hostel
— 4 breakfasts at our Hotel&Hostel in Sultanahmet
— Local tours by Professional guides for 2 days
— Tickets for the Bosphorus Cruise
— Exclusive Facebook group for continuous customer support & updates
— 2 Uniflucht Leaders
— 24hr Emergency phone
— Free map and city information
— Wi-fi in our Hotel&Hostel

*Not included in the Price:
— Lunch and Dinners
— Souveniers and gifts
— Party costs
— Museum tickets and entrance prices to the monuments
— Public transportation costs

*Departure from Germany: 18 May 2017 (Thursday)
*Check your e-mail addresses regularly to be kept updated about the whole plan of the trip and any changes we might need to inform you about!

*18 May 2017, Thursday:
— Check-in at the Düsseldorf, Cologne and Frankfurt Airport
— Flight to Istanbul
— Arrival to Istanbul and bus transfer service to Hotel&Hostel
— Free time to discover the authentic beauty of the city.

*19 May 2017, Friday:
— Open buffet breakfast at the Hostel&Hotel
— Guided local tour with a Professional tour guide (5 Hours)
— We will visit: Topkapı Palace, Park Gulhane, Hagia Sophia, Sultanahmet, Hippodrome, Grand Bazaar, The Spice Bazaar. (info below)
**Places to See on the 2 hours Bosphorus Cruise:
(Eyüp Square, Galata Bridge, Maiden’s Tower, Bosphorus Bridge, Egiptian Embassy, Rumeli Fortress, Galatasaray Island)
— Free time to discover the authentic beauty of the city.
— Optional evening event: Turkish Fasıl Night

*20 May 2017, Saturday:
— Open buffet breakfast at the Hostel&Hotel
— Guided local tour with a Professional tour guide (5 Hours)
***We will visit: Galata Bridge, Galata Tower, Tunnel, Asmalı Mescit, Galatasaray, Taksim Square, Beşiktaş Square, Çırağan Palace, Ortakoy, (info below)
— Free time to discover the authentic beauty of the city.
— Optional evening event: Clubbing at one of the most popular disco clubs in town

*21 May 2017, Sunday:
— Open buffet breakfast at the Hostel&Hotel
— Kadıköy and Çamlıca tour with the team as an optional activity. The ones who would like to discover around, shop or organize any other activities are very welcome to do so. If you need opinions about what to do and how to make the most of your time on the last day, you can always get the advice of our team!
— Free time to discover the authentic beauty of the city.
— Optional evening event: Visiting one of the best pubs in town.

*22 May 2017, Monday:
— Open buffet breakfast at the Hostel&Hotel
— Check-out.
— Bus tranfer service to Istanbul airport.
— Heading back to Germany.

We will have a lot of fun and unforgettable trip together!
See you soon! :)

We will have a lot of fun and unforgettable trip together!

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[email protected]

Your Uniflucht Team

Sponsored by: Rheinland Privatschule

Some info about the places we will visit:

Topkapi Palace: Home of the Sultans (1.Day)
— One of the best historical places in Istanbul is the Topkapi Palace. It acted as a fully functioning city for more than 50,000 people. As the ruling centre from which the Ottoman Empire operated, it is a sprawling mass of historical buildings such as kitchens, circumcision rooms, and the much talked about harem.
The layout is somehow ad-hoc due to extensions and remodelling over 400 years but within the walls, antique collections reflect life of the Ottoman sultans through their clothes, armoury, and jewellery while in the sacred relic room, the prize artefacts are from Muhammad.

Glory of the Hagia Sophia (1.Day)
-As a former church, mosque, and now museum, this structural building represents the crossover that happened to Constantinople from Byzantine rule to Ottoman grandeur. As one of Istanbul’s great glories built between 532 and 537AD, originally by the emperor Justinian, intricate frescoes adorn the ceiling. Representing scenes from the Bible and prominent figures of the Byzantine Empire, they sit next to large circular plagues pinned to the wall that highlight Islamic calligraphy art. The galleries of the upper level are where the best view of the interior of the iconic building is to be seen

Historical Blue Mosque (1. Day)
— Sitting across from the Hagia Sophia, the majestic Blue Mosque dating from 1616 is one of the best historical places in Istanbul. Foreigners can glimpse into the life of secular Muslims in Turkey because the mosque still operates daily for prayers. Also called Sultanahmet cami, entrance to see the blue stained glass windows of the interior is free or donations are gratefully accepted. With its 260 windows and unique 6 minarets, the Blue Mosque is the most famous in Turkey.

Grand Bazaar (1. Day )
— Away from the old historical district of Sultanahmet, first-time visitors often head to the old Grand Bazaarfor a unique shopping experience in Turkey’s largest and oldest market place. Everything you can imagine is sold within this building, made up of a complicated network of passageways and small courtyards. 61 covered streets and more than 3000 shops make the Grand Bazaar an ideal place to shop for souvenirs, although expect to be among crowds since daily more than 250,000 people pass through its gates.

Galata Tower (2. Day)
— The Genoese tower standing in the Galata district is the pathway to an amazing panoramic view of the city of Istanbul, Golden horn and Bosphorus. Originally built as a watchtower in 1348, the top floor is also the venue for evening entertainment in the form of Turkish night shows. All these historical places in Istanbul and more can be seen on our daily and weekly tours. Including group and private excursions, the guided tours are the best insight into Istanbul for first-time visitors.

Taksim Square (2. Day)
— Taksim Square is the most known modern city center of Istanbul. Many hotels and restaurants are in or near the Square and on Istiklal Street, and there is a local bus terminal for public transportation and the main subway station. Istiklal pedestrian street has many bars, night clubs and movie theaters therefore it's always busy with young people almost for 24 hours a day. The Square is also the meeting place to celebrate New Year's Eve, parades, public concerts and other shows.

Beşiktaş Square (2. Day )
— Besiktas is one of the oldest districts and neighborhoods of Istanbul, located on the European side of the city. It's also considered as one of the city centers, both residential and commercial especially for small businesses. At the same time, besides having a major public bus and dolmus terminal, Besiktas is also one of the sea hubs on the Bosphorus from which boats depart for various neighborhoods on the shores of the Asian side.
According to the old sources, the Ottomans called the area as «Bestas» (five stones) probably derived from 5 columns piled into the coast to moore the ships. But Besiktas literaly means «cradle stone» in Turkish and there are other stories about the origins of this name dating back to the Byzantine period. We know that Besiktas became an important residential area after the Conquest of Constantinople when the Ottomans put an end to the pirates coming from the Black Sea and plundering villages outside of the Byzantine city walls.

Ortaköy (2. Day)
— Ortakoy is one of the nicest neighborhoods of Besiktas districts in the European side of Istanbul on the Bosphorus Strait, right under the first Bosphorus bridge. In Turkish it means «middle village» because it was in the middle of the strait, and during the Ottoman period it was just a small fishing village and a resort for the Ottoman dignitaries because of its attractive location. After many years, the district is still a popular spot for local people and foreign visitors.

-Do you need a Visa?
Most visitors may enter Turkey without a visa or by buying an e-visa online from the official Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs e-visa website in advance of arrival in Turkey.
This Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs consular website can tell you, and you can find out on the e-visa website's eligibility page if you can get your visa easily online. (See the list below on this page.)
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